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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

3 Quick Tips to Sell Your House Now!

If you're ready to sell in today's market, I'll share with you the three keys to make a quick sale at a fair price.

1.  Prep and De-Clutter:
Buyers are on a blind date with your home and they want love at first sight.  So make it shine!  Have your house cleaned from top to bottom, power wash, trim the shrubs and get the clutter out.

2.  Price it Right:
If you want to sell your house fast for top dollar, you'll need to compromise.  Realtors look at the recent comparable properties that have sold in your area.  We don't pull a number out of thin air.  If you start too high, you may get a few nibbles but today's buyer wants the cheapest house on the block.
You'll need to start off lower than your competition to generate traffic but you can always say not to unacceptable offers.

3.  Protect Your Deal:
Choose your buyer whose financing is most likely to go through.  Twenty percent down gives you a feeling of security, fifty percent is beautiful and all cash is great! 
When comparing multiple offers, sometimes the one with the highest price may not be the best.  If you're anxious to move on, cash is king and the more money down the better. 

Many first time buyers will have a laundry list of inspection items to be repaired.  You can protect yourself from excessive costs by setting a limit on that from the start.

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